"Review and Renew" Mini-Course Webinar Series (prerecorded)

  • "Review and Renew" Mini-Course Webinar Series (prerecorded)

This series of 4 prerecorded webinars takes a different approach to understanding the "pleasure trap" and setting health and weight loss goals. Strong willpower and high levels of motivation can get you started on the path to success, but they aren't enough to keep you there. You have to outsmart your own biology and override some of the most powerful instincts that kept your ancestors from starving to death. This mini-course will help you do just that, using evidence-based strategies to work with your Stone Age body and mind, not against them.

Featuring special guest interviews with Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Michael Greger.

Original live air dates: January 2021

Day 1: "I Know What to Do, I Just Can't Seem to Do it"—an overview of the biological, psychological, and social forces that make sustaining a healthy lifestyle so difficult in the modern environment. (with Dr. Jen Howk)

Day 2: "Beat Your Genes"—an interview with clinical evolutionary psychologist Dr. Doug Lisle.

Day 3: "Greens, Goals, and (Dr.) Greger"—an interview with "How Not to Diet" physician and author Dr. Michael Greger.

Day 4: Q&A with Dr. Jen Howk and Dr. Doug Lisle

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