"Enough" group intensive (March 30-April 20 2024)

  • "Enough" group intensive (March 30-April 20 2024)

This is a four-week Zoom-based group that will meet on Saturdays at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern (March 30, April 6, April 13, and April 20). It is a more structured and focused experience than the free monthly-ish calls (which will still continue separately from this.)

The calls will be 90 minutes long, and will structured around a theme/presentation at the beginning, followed by a group discussion where everyone is welcome to share what they are going through and offer one another support.

Replays will be available if you can't join live.

"Enough" is a different kind of support group around emotional eating. It is not a "how to lose weight" group, but rather a space to talk about how food obsession, diet culture, binge-restrict cycles, and all the rest of it impacts us. It is a supportive space for those who are following a weight loss plan, but that is not its sole emphasis. A few general guidelines:

We keep the focus on the emotional backdrop of disordered eating, rather than rules or details about what’s allowed/not allowed.

We recognize that everyone’s relationship with food is different and we try to avoid generalizing about what anyone “needs to do” to “be successful” and other similar language.

We are here to encourage ourselves and each other to accept (and—gasp—even love) ourselves wherever we happen to be at any point in time, whether that means deep in the “eff-its” or deep in the groove of a chosen plan. We do our best to avoid assigning harsh value judgments to those different experiences.

For more information on the intention behind Enough and more about me, or to book an individual consult, you can visit www.jenhowk.com.

Ordering note: if you order here, you'll be added to the email list and I will send out the zoom link for the call and replay information a few days before the first call on March 30.