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"Getting Real" Group

  • "Getting Real" Group

Getting Real is a seasonal women's support and discussion group for mental, emotional, and physical health in the time of Covid. It will meet on Zoom on Sunday afternoons from November 7 - January 2, at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.

NOTE that this is distinct from my weekly ongoing "Virtual Village," which is an anything-goes from pleasure trap to politics weekly gathering/Q&A. Getting Real is more focused on health, diet, self esteem, and personal relationships. The sign up process for the Virtual Village is different—if you'd like to join there (or join both groups!) you will need to go to Patreon: If you JUST want to join this group, keep going with this page. :)

In this group, we will be "getting real" about weight loss and the pleasure trap, getting real about our distortions and self-destructive patterns, and getting real in the sense of unplugging from 24-7 attachment to the virtual (apart from the irony of this being a virtual group, of course. :) We'll talk about ways to ground ourselves and get back in touch with the real world and the human experience.

I will send out more information as we get closer to the first session on 11/7! Within about fifteen minutes of your order you should get both a receipt for your order and a welcome email from me with some basic info. If that doesn't arrive within an hour or so, make sure you've checked your "all mail" and junk folders, but if it still isn't there send me a note at and I'll try to track it down.